Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holy Cow! NSFV (Not Safe For Vegetarians)

For the last year we have been getting the majority of out meat from Braucher's Sunshine Harvest Farm. My family split one of their full Meat CSA shares with my friend and neighbor Kathy and her family. It started as an affordable way for me to introduce local, grass fed meat to my family. But what happened was so much more! Picking up our CSA each month helped us build relationships with all the different vendors at the market. But back to Mike and Colleen. What great vendors to work with! I know I feel much better about the food my family eats knowing that it comes from a farm where the animals are treated with respect and the farmers are genuinely really good people.

A few months ago Kathy and I came up with the idea of buying a whole cow. We figured we could get a few other families to go in on us with it (which we did) and that in the long run it would save us a ton of $$. So this week the cow got delivered and I am so glad we did this! It was a crazy mixed up week here at the Hippy household (my Sous Chef is still pretty sick) but when isn't life crazy around here! LOL

So we now have a freezer stock full of really healthy and very affordable grass fed beef. We will continue to get our monthly CSA option but Mike and Colleen are helping us tailor it so we won't be getting any beef for at least a few months. My freezer shows that we've got that covered!

Here are a few sites that I found with good info on why to use grass fed beef and how to cook it. Turns out I have a lot to learn. Hope this helps some of you out there too. Enjoy!

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