Friday, June 12, 2009

Field Trip Friday is Back! This week it's all about Rhubarb :D

I love rhubarb. It's one of those things that I wait all year for and then treasure and savor and try to prolong for as long as possible. I even chop some up and hide it in the freezer for those long winter days when I dream of the sweet tart of rhubarb and the promise of a bright spring.

A few years ago I stumbled upon this rhubarb lovers site and it helped me to appreciate rhubarb even more. It's not just for desserts and the medicinal properties of the plant are rich indeed. I hope you get some insight, ideas and yummy recipes from this site.

Oh..and can I mention that thanks to this site I now realize that the combo of strawberry & rhubarb has nothing, nada, zilch on rhubarb paired with blueberry. Yum. Enjoy!


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