Thursday, January 21, 2010

My version of Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip aka Crack Dip

There is a very, very good reason that this dip is nicknamed the Crack Dip. (Mom, I know you hate that term but sorry, that's what it's called. Don't blame me...blame the millions out there who gave it that name) And the nickname is very well deserved. It's because you can't stop eating it. And you crave it. Badly. Heck, even when I was pregnant with my daughter and could keep nothing down but Wendy's Frosties & Emergen-C, somehow this dip not only stayed down but hit the spot!

I have been asked for this recipe many times but for some reason it never made it here. Opps. I am fixing that now. Enjoy!

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip


2 pkgs cream cheese
1 C Ken's buffalo wing marinade or any hot sauce
3/4 C ranch or bleu cheese dressing
1 C diced chicken
1 8 oz. pkg shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup sour cream (optional)


1. Combine cream cheese, cheese & sour cream in a bowl.
2. Add in hot sauce & ranch or bleu cheese dressing and mix until combined.
3. Stir in chicken
4. Chill and serve cold or heat in microwave, oven or crockpot until bubbly.


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