Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Planning

I am out of practice. For so long I was so good at this. I would make a list of what we had on hand and make a list of meals that I would be making for the week. I always gave myself some wiggle room so that if I didn't feel like something on a certain day I could swap it out...but I planned. Lately I've gotten lazy, and I'm sure part of it is because my back has been acting up and it's hard to cook when you can hardly stand. :(

But I am turning over a new leaf! I WILL menu plan. I will batch cook again. And I will do a better job of posting my recipes here. :D And you call can blame my friends on the Ec0-Friendly Family Board (the EFFers as we call ourselves) because they are the people who have motivated me! Thanks ladies.

Now here is this week's line-up (not in any order because like I said before, I make a list and then go by the day to see what we want):

*Grilled NY Strip Steaks (from our Meat CSA), braised fennel, salad & bread
*Grilled Chicken w/ grilled zucchini & watermelon mango salsa, chips and possibly rice
*Sloppy Joes w/ oven baked ranch french fries (also known as Ryan's Potatoes in this house because he makes them) and sauteed spinach
*BBQ Chicken Pizza (a request from the Monkey)
*Thai Peanut Noodles w/ Cucumber Salad
*Beef Pot Pie (using leftover Crock Pot Cross Rib Roast from last week & extra veggies from our CSA that need to be used up)

ETA: I meant Pot Pie...not Pot Roast. Opps.


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