Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No more Sun Tea for me!

So I was listening to the Pod Cast of the Splendid Table today when I learned a gross, disgusting fact that made me rethink the millions of glasses of Sun Tea I've had over the years. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Sun Tea. It's just that I learned today that scientists have found that Sun Tea is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and basically that beautiful container of beautiful liquid is bacteria's petri dish Nirvana.

But I do not have to give up my favorite summer drink! Alas, Bill Waddinton of the Tea Source here in my very own hometown of Saint Paul, MN (www.teasource.com) gave instructions for brewing an even better iced tea! So today for Tipsy Tuesday I am stealing his recipe and sharing it with all of you so that you too can enjoy your 'Summer Tea', sans sun of course. Enjoy!

Cold Brew Iced Tea:

Place 8-10 rounded teaspoons of tea in a gallon jug, either loose or in two #4 T-Sacs. Fill the jug with cold water. Let steep overnight (at least 8 hours). Strain or remove the T-Sac. Serve over ice. This method requires less tea and produces a smooth, light, and refreshing iced tea. When using a Beehouse pitcher, place 4-6 rounded teaspoons of tea in the infuser basket.

Other ice tea recipes from teasouce & splendidtable


I tried the cold brew method last night and made a peppermint and black tea mix and it's so yummy! It doesn't even need sugar or anything. Definite win win in my book. Make some and enjoy!


Captain Cleavage said...

that makes me so incrediblly sad. I love sun tea...*sigh*

~skulks off like an angry 3 year old to make cold brew ice tea~

Bonita said...

I've heard about the bacteria concern for years and just pretty much ignored it because I love sun tea, but I think I'll try this method. Thanks.

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