Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Bowl Super Dessert (Roast Your Own S'mores)

This is so easy it's wrong. And what better food idea for a Super Bowl Party? It's interactive and tastes good too. Monday morning people won't even remember the game or the commercials...they are going to be too busy talking about your dessert.

Roast Your Own S'mores Station


1 large cabbage
bamboo skewers
dipping sauces
crushed graham crackers
1 can of sterno


1. Take the cabbage and cut off the bottom so it lays flat.

2. On the opposite side of the flat part of the cabbage carve out a hole just big enough for the sterno can to fit snugly in.

3. Put a marshmallow on one end of each of the bamboo skewers.

4. Poke the skewers into the will look like a porcupine.

5. Put the toppings or dippings into little bowls and set out.

6. Lite the sterno and then everyone can take turns roasting their own marshmallows and dipping them into yummy toppings.


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