Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RITK is nominated for a BlogLuxe Award...Now Get Voting!

I feel like one of the Oscar nominees when they say it is an honor just to be nominated.  It really IS!  When Jill over at Baby Rabies (who is also nominated BTW) posted on my FB wall I almost didn't believe her.  I checked out the site and had to look twice to make sure it was true. And it was!

Seriously, to even be nominated in the same category as some of these other blogs is a HUGE honor.  I've gone to these blogs for inspiration for years.  Heck...I still go to them!  I'm learning more and more everyday on how to take better food pics (not as easy as one might think) and love to see what everyone else is doing with the seasonal foods that are available to us as the year goes on.

You can vote here every day, once a day. The last day to vote will be July 12. The five finalists for each category will be announced on the SocialLuxe Lounge website the week of July 12. The winners (who will be chosen by this year's SocialLuxe Lounge VIPs) will be announced on August 5 at the Avery SocialLuxe Lounge party in New York City. There is a new system in place where you will need to enter your e-mail to verify the vote but your e-mail will not be used in any other way than to keep the voting legit.

So vote!  Every day.  Please and thank you!  And while you are there vote for Baby Rabies and The Eco-Friendly Family as well.  Jill and Amanda rock and both are amazing bloggers.



~*Jess*~ said...

I've voted for the past 3 days! Good luck!

Amy said...

Aww...thank you!

Captain Cleavage said...

Congrats! Annnnd Voted!

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