Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's been a busy day here at RITK!

Wow. What a day. For very good reason I am blogging from bed, resting with my feet elevated and an ice pack on my back. Today has been long but wonderful and I can't wait to share the good news with all of you. Some I can share now...and some has to wait. ;) But I promise that some things really are worth waiting for.

I started my very busy day by throwing a pot roast in the crock pot because I knew I was going to be pretty much out of commission by dinner. And I was right...but we still ate great. I have perfected a recipe for Brown Ale Pot Roast and will be sharing it on RITK soon. I had to make it at least 6 times to make sure that it really was that easy and that good. And it was.

But why was I going to be done for the night early? Because for the third year in a row I have shared a wonderful Sunday morning and mid afternoon with my friend Kathy at the MN Living Green Expo. It was wonderful. We got to walk around and talk to so many different people and vendors. I was able to talk with a number of different farmers and can't wait to do a post on CSAs. There were so many great food items and vendors who are looking forward to sharing their green living products here on the blog. Stay tuned because I've got so many yummy things coming soon! And the heartburn from the amazing jerk chicken from West Indies Soul oh man was it totally worth it. We ate there last year and had to go back this year and my taste buds and my tummy might have been burning but the flavors were amazing, complex and worth it! And I must crack their sweet potato pie recipe. Must.

But then the day got better. :) I got home and got a phone call from my friend Stephanie Digby and she offered to bring over some extra rhubarb that she had. YAY! Which cemented my idea that I had last night that I should do a week of rhubarb recipes here as a kind of on-line rhubarb festival. So if you have a favorite rhubarb recipe to share please share it with me. I am especially looking for a savory recipe to try out.

When I finally got to sit down and check my e-mail I got even better news! Some is a super secret that I will share as soon as I can (all I can say is I screamed I was so excited!) and some I can share now. Please look to your left.

See that pretty new badge? It looks kinda like this:

Click that and vote for RITK! :) You can also click on this pretty little linky thingy. I know, sounds cheesy, but it's a pretty cool thing and I'm excited to be included. It was the perfect ending to a spectacular day. I'm excited, sore, achy, tired and overwhelmed at all the good that came from today. I am so lucky to have the friends and loved ones that I do and am thankful for the encouragement and connections they have brought into my life. Exciting things are happening here at RITK and I hope you will all enjoy.

And now finally, sweet dreams and goodnight.


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